About Us

Who we are

My name is Bijou, and I'm the principal coordinator for Bijoux Bride LLC. I specialize in wedding and event planning as well as decor. I've been in Chicago since the summer of 2011 following my own wedding and I'm a proud mother of 2 lovely boys. I love everything vintage, rustic and old. I'm certified at QC career school as an International Event & Wedding Professional as well as an International Event Decorating Professional.
​Another thing I love doing is giving back to the community and I do that by volunteering as a wedding coordinator at the local community church. 

What we offer

Bijoux Bride LLC offers a variety of packages to accommodate a diverse clientele with their wedding planning needs and varied budgets. Services range from a consultation, to a complete wedding planning, which includes selection of vendors, RSVP management, wedding invitations mailing, budget planning, and payment reminders, plus multiple meetings to check in on important milestones during the planning process. ​Our services vary from client to client, please call or email us with your wedding needs and location, we will do some research and give you an estimate for our services at the location of your choice.   

Why hire us

From weddings to  intimate dinner parties, we'll help you make an event out of any occasion  by managing all planning aspects, including wedding decor, to deliver a flawless, unique event that captures your individuality. From rustic wedding decorations to modern, we do it all. We also have a large inventory of wedding decor rentals at very affordable pricing. We're highly proficient in both spoken and written French and Portuguese, breaking therefore language barriers for our customers because excellent customer service is at the core of what we do to succeed. Bijoux Bride LLC has

  • Prices to fit every budget,
  • Highly trained professionals and
  • Excellent customer service